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It is our name! You will find the lowest fares for any type of travel to any destination in the world. We use the same booking engine that the huge online travel companies do, and find the best deals for you.

lowest fare travel... periodGet your lowest fares when you book your hotel, air, and car reservations at the same time using our easy travel form.

Simply fill in the dates of travel, the number of adults and children, where you are going and how you will get there and we will give you the lowest fares to the best places!

Combining all the elements of your next vacation into one purchase allows every element to cost less than if purchased independently. You can't lose!

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 Ten top tips for getting the lowest fare....

1) Book your hotel, car and airfare at one time. A travel package purchase has a lower per-unit fare when purchased together.

2) Make solid travel reservations well in advance of your travel dates. Making your travel reservation as early as you can allows hotels to know their booking capacity. Airlines are notorious for dramatic increases as the actual date of travel approaches.

Don't get caught in a late booking nightmare!

beach3) Travel close to "the season". For example, if you travel to the warm sunny Caribbean during the cold winter months, the prices are highest there when it is coldest here.

Traveling just before the season starts, or just after it officially ends yields little differences in your actual travel conditions, but big savings in your stay!

4) Book "near", but not "at". If you stay in a city like Houston, you can get anywhere quickly by interstate. It may not be necessary to stay at an expensive downtown hotel to attend your convention. You can get the lowest hotel fare by the highway a few miles away.

Same with a beach vacation... a block or two away from the waterfront can make for huge savings!

check traveler reviews5) Check the reviews. Our travel services are tied into TripAdvisor, and you will be able to check your expectations against the actual experiences of people who have already taken your vacation. If no one is happy, even a penny is too much!

6) Pack light and come prepared. Many airlines are now charging for non-carry on luggage. They are also charging for food and drink that used to be a part of the ticket price.

Be sure to be comfortable. Eat or drink before a flight, or bring a snack and beverage with you.

7) Use a shipping service like UPS or Federal Express to send home souveniers, gifts and even your toiletries. You can use clothing you have already worn as packing for additional value. It only takes a few minutes, you comfortably carry less weight around at the airport terminal and your items will arrive only a day or two after your arrival back home.

free airline tickets8) Bump and grind. If your flight is overbooked, someone will get bumped. If you are flexible in your travel times, by all means take a free ticket! What is the lowest fare? Free, of course!

That was the bump, here is the grind... be sure that the airlines take care of you before you take care of them.

What you are given in exchange for your seat is often negotiable, and may not include an overnight hotel stay and taxi service to and from same. Know before you say yes, or you may find yourself sleeping on airport benches!

You may be able to negotiate alternative travel plans that would not normally be used. For example, you have just given up a two hour direct flight home, you may be able to get home with two connections in six hours. Other airlines will sometimes comp out a leg if your airline is missing a leg of the journey.

Be sure you are speaking with someone of authority! Airline personelle are very pushed for time, and negotiations go counter to making their life easier. They may say "no" when their boss could say "yes".

travel insurance9) Buy travel insurance. Yes, you are actually adding a small amount to the cost of your trip, but it can save you thousands if it is ever called upon. Every veteran traveler will tell tales of how having travel insurance saved the day... or not having it cost them a fortune. Plus you can plan and then actually travel without worrying about things out of your control. Peace of mind is what we all go on vacation for to begin with!

10) Get all your travel needs at Lowest Fare Travel dot com!


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